Client: The Dyslexia-SpLD Trust

Project: Framework and Teaching Handbook

The brief

The Dyslexia SpLD approached Genium to produce a framework and teaching handbook with the purpose to raise knowledge and expertise of staff and to provide a starting point for strategic decision-making, to create a positive impact across schools and other learning environments.

What we did

Genium designed a thorough guide that was easy to follow and clearly communicated information that educational staff needed to be aware of. The use of bold colours makes the handbook engaging and the use of illustrations and photographs supports the core principles that the Dyslexia Trust was trying to portray.

The impact

A comprehensive framework was well designed and achieved its purpose to improve knowledge and expertise of staff members and create a positive impact across various learning environments. This is demonstrated through feedback received – “An excellent method of delivering training, but also empowering for staff to take ownership of their own learning.” – Woodgreen Academy.