Client: NHS Wellbeing Service

Project: Luton & Bedfordshire

The brief

Research carried out by the Clinical Commissioning Group in the Luton and Bedfordshire area had revealed very low mental health resilience. That is, when faced with problems, depression, distress and issues that overwhelm, the indications are that people do not have strategies to cope and are quickly defeated by their issues. The Mental Health Wellbeing campaign needed to get messages out to this high risk demographic to communicate that help is available and how to take the first step to improving how they feel.

What we did

Genium produced a print and digital campaign for Luton and Bedfordshire. Use of strong, relatable visuals for our target audience group, as well as clear directions on how to get help were highly important, and so these aspects played a central role in the design. The campaign was enacted through billboards, bus adverts, newspaper adverts, digital screens, and various social media.

The impact

Through our choice of mediums on which to enact the campaign, our adverts and message were effective.

Strategic placing of adverts ensured the message reached many, including the 250,000+ monthly footfall around the bus adverts. The campaign reached a large, targeted audience, and delivered the clear message that help was available to those in need.




NHS Bedfordshire_10ft BusSide_3048x508