Client: NHS

Project: Poster & Display

The brief

The NHS sites of Chase Farm Hospital and Barnet Hospital turned to Genium and asked us to create printed resources that locally raise the profile of their campaign on hand hygiene and the increased risks of infection that are posed to all members of public when this is ignored.

What we did

Genium consulted the communications teams at the Barnet Hospital and Chase Farm Hospital sites and proposed designing posters that are striking to grab the attention of the local public between both sites. These visually stressed the importance of hand hygiene, alongside portraying the risk of neglecting this campaign message.

The impact

The posters were essential for bringing awareness to the general public about the importance of hand hygiene. Information provided was made widely accessible, with posters advertised on roadsides and in busy public locations. The use of colour and bold imagery made the campaign eye-catching and translated the risk of neglecting hand hygiene to a wide range of audiences.