Client: Save your vein

Project: Save your vein

The brief

The ‘Save your vein’ team wanted to develop a campaign that seeks to inform patients to protect their veins. Early education means patients can protect their veins in order to give them a better opportunity of having a fistula if they need it.

Genium were asked to create an overarching strategy to include branding and a logo; a website; print materials; display graphics; literature and promotional materials to engage and educate staff and patients.


What we did

Following several consultations a strategy was agreed and implemented. Genium presented key messages and visuals to NHS staff, the Quality Improvement team, Imperial College Healthcare patients and key stakeholders to help inform, involve and drive the campaign forward. Genium reviewed the name of the campaign, presented this and the brand identity concepts to focus groups where valuable feedback and information was used to develop the brand further. This was then implemented into a range of communication materials.

The impact

1st prize for best scientific presentation at VASBI (The Vascular Access Society of Britain and Ireland) for the ‘Save your vein’ campaign.

“Genium has been a real pleasure to work with. They listened to our goals and challenges in developing our ‘Save your vein’ campaign and offered real insight and effective solutions for raising awareness for renal patients and healthcare staff. Following several consultations a strategy was agreed and implemented. We are really proud of how the campaign has grown and the direction it’s going. Save Your Vein has just won first prize for the best scientific presentation at this years Vascular Access Society of Britain and Ireland AGM which is a real testament to Genium!”

Mr Jeremy Crane MD FRCS
Consultant Transplant & Vascular Surgeon
Imperial College Healthcare