Client: Sock Ons

Project: TV commercial

The brief

Sock Ons provides an ingenious and trendy solution to the ubiquitous issue of straying baby socks: they are worn over normal socks and ‘lock’ the socks in place. Sock Ons sell out in shops around the world, and the business’ founder looked to Genium to produce a TV commercial to place the product into a prime retail position in the run up to Christmas.

What we did

‘Clever little things to keep baby socks on!’ – Genium created a cute TV commercial for Sock Ons – from concept, scripting and story boarding to screen testing the cast (all under the age of 1!). The production team edited the film, and created graphics and music and secured clearance for broadcast – all in a single location. The film features six mischievous babies putting their tugging skills to the test, until one adorable genius discovers an inventive solution to the problem of stray socks – Sock Ons!

The impact

The advert was shown on the Discovery Channel’s DMAX, Home & Health and Travel & Living, and retailers saw a substantial boost in Sock Ons sales as a result.