Client: S&P Sephardi Community

Project: Consultation, website & branding

The brief

The Spanish and Portuguese Jews’ Congregation required a rebrand, in order to have a name, mission and presence in line with the leaderships vision as developed with their Board and in consultation with the membership. This would be their first major change in image in 350 years and would be a major step forward for their community. The concept behind the vision was to demonstrate the rich tradition and philosophy of Sephardi Judaism and how it is relevant for the modern world.

What we did

After a full consultation with the the Sephardi leadership team, key stakeholders and members of the community. The outcome; a new name, ‘The S&P Sephardi Community’; a new mission statement; brand identity; website and suite of materials that reflected the entirety of the S&P community was produced.

The impact

The new name, ‘The S&P Sephardi Community’, reflects the entirety of the S&P community which includes, not only the Spanish and Portuguese Jews who established the community, but also the many oriental Jews who are now part of the S&P. The new brand is modern and contemporary and has been enthusiastically embraced by existing and new members alike, as demonstrated by the new growth in membership. The community are delighted with their partnership with Genium who have helped put together the new brand identity.”
Executive Director, The S&P Sephardi Community

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